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Mission & Beliefs


The mission of Orangeburg County School District, the catalyst of innovation and excellence, is to ensure all students discover and develop their person, purpose and platform through high-quality educational experiences distinguished by:

  • a culture of collaboration, equity and inclusion
  • a creative learning environment with inspiring opportunities
  • a commitment to nurture the academic, physical, social and emotional well-being of all.


We Believe That…

  • honoring individuality through respect and empathy empowers and promotes acceptance, which builds family and community.
  • effective communication is key to understanding others.
  • purpose is the core of existence.
  • moral values shape who we are.
  • a servant’s heart encompasses love that is manifested in action and deed toward self and mankind.
  • freedom is an inherent right.
  • time is life’s most valuable asset.
  • growth mindset is necessary to adapt and embrace change.